About Us

Each profession occupies a specific niche in society — doctors heal, engineers design and bankers handle our money. Teaching, however, stands out as a subsumptive entity.

The TEACHER a- FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE (TFPG) Portal thus aims to create a vibrant community of teachers through the sharing of knowledge and experience on a common platform.In 2012 a group of enthusiastic teachers created   TEACHER a- FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE (TFPG) a Facebook  group for creating a social platform for teaching fraternity of West Bengal and other members of our society.Our aim is to bridge the gap between society and teaching fraternity.

Our primary goal is to support school teachers in their Professional field as well as creating a social platform for sharing their views and opinions about their Profession and education. The range of teaching and learning resources available to teachers on the portal will enrich their knowledge of subject content and pedagogy, demonstrate new approaches to classroom practice and provide concrete support in the form of teaching/learning material.

We also like to use this platform to carry out our social responsibilities and stimulating  an  enlightened generation.